Unicycle terminology

|> Unicyclists, Look at the above word. Think! Is it correct? I don’t
|> know, but my spell checker doesn’t think so, neither does my
|> dictionary. I can’t seem to find “unicyclist(s)” in any type of
|> dictionary, and I wonder, Is unicyclist(s) correct english? If not,
|> what would we use, Unicycler(s)? This sounds so akward. Maybe we
|> should trash conventional english’s usage and stick with “ist(s).”
|> Got any facts? write me or the list. Hey, I just got an idea;
“Unicyclist” is listed in Webster’s Third and is a real word. I am a
professional lexicographer (mostly Japanese to English). For years I have been
trying to get people interested in helping compile a unicycling dictionary
and/or glossary in Japanese, English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

I got a lot of material, but have no time and not enough help. If anybody out
there can help with the Spanish, German or Chinese, let me know. Volunteers to
help check the English and or add terms could also be helpful. With Japanese I’m
ok (actually, I invented most of the terms…). It would also be nice to have a
publisher. The JUA (Japan Unicycle Association) showed no interest whatsoever in
the project.

My main problem is lack of time. If I have some volunteers I could coordinate
the project and be the chief editor. If several people show interest iin this,
I’ll publish more details in this forum.

Stay on top,

Jack Halpern IUF Vice President

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