Unicycle Term Pronunciation

I am a unicyclist but I have never talked to one in person. I read and use many common uni terms but recently realized that I don’t really know if I am pronouncing them correctly.

Some of the words I am wondering about are:

MUni <---- Mostly this one.

I’m pretty sure about most of these but I just wanted to make sure.

Any others you want to add would be great.

sorry about the multiple threads. My internet has issues.

Re: Unicycle Term Pronunciation

Uni and MUni rhyme with each other and also with the word loony. Coker is just like the soda with an “r” at the end.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

i dunno the correct way of saying them, as i too have never talked with another unicyclist in person (or is it unicycler?). this is just how i pronounce them in my head.

uni – you knee

muni – mew knee (not moo knee)

coker – coke errr, as in rhymes with super soaker. (how else would you pronounce it?)

You friendly linguist,


It is good to know that I have been pronouncing these terms correctly when telling my friends about them.

As always, you guys are the best.


More importantly, how in the world are you supposed to pronounce “Qu-ax?”



I’ve been bothered by this since I started visiting these forums.

You’re kidding right? If your not sure check the address bar of your browser.:smiley:

Nice pronunciation key grant! Is it the same on the other side of the puddle?

other side of what puddle?

me confused (kahn fooozed)


Qu-Ax -I’ve always pronounced as Q - AXE

there has been a thread on this before, which can be found here