Unicycle tennis

Though no one around me unicycles, my cousins do, and we always ride together whenever we get together, which is usually only three times a year. Well, last summer, all four of us brough our unicycles, and we decided to try something new and different. Some of the family plays tennis (though none of the four of us), so we got some rackets and some balls and played tennis at the local courts. If you ever want to try this, you’ll need to be able to idle well and it would help if you could ride backwards. Unfortunately, only two of us can riude backwards, so one of my cousins and I didn’t do as well as the two that could, but it was still fun. However you HAVE to be able to idle.

Yeah, and good luck finding a court that will let you bring the uni on it. Most of the time, they wont let you do anything but walk.
-David Kaplan

I was down at the Outer Banks and these were public courts without a fee to pay. And if you’ve ever been to the Outer Banks, you’ll know how seldom the cops drive by…