Unicycle Tee

Howdy all-
Still have money left over from Christmas? Well, I still have totally groovy unicycle tshirts around.

$16 + shipping to wherever in the world you happen to be. You can get them at http://tees.oofn.net.

My brother looking crazy awesome in one

Hey thanks for the link. I don’t mind that design.:slight_smile:

This is a great design and the color choice is nice. Is there a list or something, where I can see, how much would postage cost to a specific country (in my case, Slovenia) ?

Cool shirt, I’d like to buy one :slight_smile: But I’m saving to a KH atm so I’ll buy this shirt after I’ve bought the new uni :smiley: Are there any other motives than crankflip?

Quite cheap, as I just found out - $5.40.