unicycle tech decks

anyone ever seen teck decks? they are gay but if they made unicycle ones that would be awsome! someone needs to make one immediately!!! blarg

was about to post the same thing

maby if the seat went between youre index fingure and you middle finger and the pedals on you the tips of them that would be awsome

They are? I didn’t realize they had genders, let alone preferences.

How did you find this out?

there is some mini key chain uni on UDC, you can just take of the Key chain and it’s like a TechDeck uni:)

Maybe he meant that they are happy…

Words are butchered a thousand ways every day. Why do you let one get to you. He isn’t trying to be offensive.

What if he said you had some sick tricks. Would you wrap your uni in a blanket and put it to bed until it felt better?

Take the keychain off and you got the closest thing to it so far. Someone even made a vid:). I can’t find it right now though, anyone know the link?