Unicycle Tattoos

Hey is there anyone out there who has any unicycle tattoos? If so i’d love see the pics. i currently have two unicycle tattoos. i have one of a stickman riding a unicycle across me shoulder which i designed meself and have had about a year now. and my second uni tat is the defect logo on me lower leg which i got in january after getting the defect dvd for xmas; i saw the logo and knew that was going to be my next tattoo.

i couldnt work out how to insert the images into this thread so i put a link to my gallery, hope it works.

be great to know what everyone thinks of my tattoos


umm dude your a freakin zealot for uni! lol thats ok i was a paintball zealot.

another tattoo

Here‘s my tattoo.

I’ve thought about getting ralph wiggum riding a unicycle.

whats a zealot?

that defect tattoo is pretty sweet
though I really like the simplicity of the stickman-unicyclist, too

i’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo of an armored triskelion (similar to that for the Isle of Man) with my family crest in the middle where the legs intersect.

…it would be cool to add a frame and pedals and make it resemble a unicycle, but only if it were done in a good-looking, yet fairly simple fashion.

and then theres the placement…

but yeah, all 3 of tattoos posted so far are really cool

a zealot is a person who obsesses over something. it in the dictionary i think.

Those are some cool tattoos. I’m considering getting a unicycle tattoo when I hit 18.

Yeah, it is…but did you know that gullible isn’t?

I think I may get a unicycle person on a slackline juggling when I turn 18, but I’m not sure if I will still be into all that stuff.

Do a search for jjuggle and unicycle, their was a thread a while back that had several.

Re: Unicycle Tattoos

On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 19:49:45 -0500, bugman wrote:

>Do a search for jjuggle and unicycle, their was a thread a while back
>that had several.

I guess searching for jjuggle and tattoo would work better.

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It says you are 18 in your profile.
Did you miss your birthday or something?

Here is a link to my tattoo.

It’s at the bottom of the page that shows up. It’s a ‘stylized’ unicycle, and it’s on my forearm. I got it a few summers ago.

i found this on the interweb. apparently this is sammy hellwig’s leg. taken by john foss.

guy.bmp (161 KB)

that’s somebody’s leg?!?!

John Lydon M(oon)unicycling wearing vibram fivefingers and a meat is murder T-shirt. This is how it looked on Saturday morning the day after 6 hours of tattooing, it’ll need another 6 hours to finish it off.

tattoo unicycle.jpg

tattoo unicycle2.jpg

That looks wicked saddlepunk! Love the rocket with the Darwin sticker too.

I remember when I was 16 and I thought Anarchy sounded cool…

@uniVNG see i want something like that.