unicycle tattoos

I am just about a member of my local volunteer firefighter hall and would love to do a combination unicycle/fireman tattoo , any suggestions would be appreciated

Suggestions for content or suggestions for a tattooer? You live in a city with tons of great custom tattooers. It might be cool to gather a bunch of photos of unicycles you own and ride as well as firefighter stuff. Give it to a tattooer that you found in your city that does work you LOVE and book an appointment to talk to them about fitting you for a custom tattoo.

Saint Florian (patron of firefighters) rinding a unicycle?

Maybe this one of a Unicorn in a blaze of glory… !! :smiley:


A ton of custom tattooers is about ten. Just sayin’.

There’s actually a Unicyclist Tattoo Facebook page. Here’s one that combines fire into the artwork.