Unicycle Tattoo .. Thought it ? Done it ?

… as when asked the question what would you get if you were to get a Tattoo, Jimmy has thought about getting a Unicycle Tat… not sure if he will actually do it though, yet the thought crosses mind from time to time.
…So Thought to throw it out there …
Do any of you think about getting a Uni Tattoo ?
Or do you have one ?
If so is there a story to it … like spur of moment or planned ?
If so where is it and mind posting your pic ? … cheers Jimmy

There is a thread on here from a few years ago.
Go have a search, it’s a good read and there are some crackin’ Unicycle tattoos.

Here is a past thread:

Find hundreds of ideas by doing a Google image search for “unicycle tattoo”.

Link doesn’t work.

Try this:

Thanx all

Thanx all… Google does the trick picked up some design ideas however was more keen on the story behind getting the Tat more so than the Tat… Jimmy