Unicycle talk thread!!!

Hey everybody-i’m stuck inside cause it’s 7:30 here in MA- so I’m starting a Talk About Your Uni thread. Just write your uni and some things about it- accomplishments, records, etc.If you can, post pics. Looking forward to the tales! bye!

I’ve got a Torker DX trials- it’s my 3rd uni and 1st trials/muni wheel.On it I jumped over 1 foot high for the first time- i’ve been riding for a year.

Here are the two uni’s that I have accomplished the most on. The Torker, I landed my first Unispin on, as well as my first leg wrap, and Idle.

The Nimbus Street Helped me accomplish sets, as well as jumping up them, my first crankflip, wheelwalk, and one footed riding.

There are many more things I have accomplished, but that is just the lame tricks I made up. The things I listed were the most important to my unicycle progress.