Unicycle Tag

I just got back home from my Juggling Club. Right before I left they were organizing a game of Unicycl Tag. I didn’t get to play but it sounded like tons of fun. Has anyone ever played this?

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no but i played skateboard tag today at a skatepark throwing sticks and stuff at people and it was pretty fun but ya w/e i guess it would be fun. id say it would be funner not orginised cause then they wouldnt have rules and tha but ya tag pretty fun. ive never played uni tag but im sure it really the same as all other sorts of tag :roll_eyes: its tag come on really

Been there.Done that.

Yes but probably not in the last 20 years. I think we replaced it with Sumo.

Either game can be great for strengthening your basic riding skills. Great for beginners or more experienced riders (not necessarily in the same game).

At the Damento Juggling Festival in February, they organized a unicycle-poi-combat competition. I had never swung poi, but they basically made me enter. I tried to be nice until it got down to just two of us. The other guy was wearing a MUni Weekend T-shirt so then it got a little more intense! But I’d much prefer Sumo or Tag.

As we have a majority of elementary kids in our club, we usually end up playing a game or two at club. The kids’ favorites are tag of course, sharks and minnows (a variation of tag), and pac man.

We’re always in search of new unicycle games for kids of this age.


If you have tried tag, how about Stuck inthe Mud. Its a school playground game that may have different names out side the UK.

One rider is IT, they wear a hat or bib to mark them out. they try to tag other riders, who, when tagged must dismount and stand stuck in the mud with both arms stretched out and uni between legs readly to re-mount. Two still riding players may then catch hold of the tagged players hands. This “frees” the tagged rider who can re-mount. As a variation with novice riders,one of the two riders remain holding the hands of the tagged untill the tagged has re-mounted.

the aim os for IT to get every one stuck in the mud. Thsi may need two ITs, IT can be changed at intervals to avoid exhustion. This is why the hat or bib is so usefull to mark the IT out.


Oh, another favorite unicycle game is steal the flag. The kids love that one but it can be speculative in parts and lead to some arguing.

Yes. But sometimes it end up as a game of chicken.

Sounds like it could hurt.