Unicycle Suspension?

Has anyone used this product?

perhaps not the best title to choose for the thread, but no, I have not tried it, though if it was available in NZ I probably would have. it may take a bit to get used to though.

its not a good idea for anything but cokering or other long distances
even then it probably wouldnt be a good idea
thats designed to be pushed down, not pulled up like uni seats are…

What’s the benefit of a suspension seat post for a unicycle? As distance between saddle and pedals changes when the spring compresses you need to adapt that length change with your legs. A spring may be useful for bikes (but not in the seat post) where the distance seat - pedals stays fixed.

For anything except riding (e.g. jumping) it won’t do any good anyway.

I was just wondering…

A long-travel suspension would probably cause problems. But these posts don’t move that much, and they’re very nice for taking the edge off the bumps. Though people originally adapted them for MUni use, they might actually be better for road riding. The longer the ride, the more it’s worth the extra weight!

Compression is not a big deal, as you’d stand up for major bumps. Suspension is good for the little, constant stuff. Another area where it can become an issue is in unexpected big bumps. I have an earlier version of the Thudbuster (called Uni-Pivot) on my carbon MUni. I rarely ride this uni any more because it doesn’t fit a very wide tire. But I remember hitting some large bumps with my pedals vertical, and getting bounced off the seat. But this only happens rarely, and if you’re not paying attention. My example happened on the famous Downieville trail, which is pretty technical.

The Thudbuster post above is a really nice addition to a unicycle, but not recommended so much for Trials, Street, or Freestyle, where suspension might get in the way.

that with the the air saddle it’s shown with would be soo comfy on the xc trails:D

What i did was purchase the Kh Rail Bracket Adapter from unicycle.com.au
and a suspension seatpost from a bike dealer near by, attached fits perfect and works pretty darn good. Not as much movement when riding but it really takes the edge off, when your jumping things.