Unicycle Survey

Hey Everyone!

I made a unicycle survey for a class at school and I would really appreciate it if everyone would take it!


I know this is probably supposed to be in Just Conversation but i’m going to risk it haha

Thanks again.

-Kevin Kartchner

Done, will we see the results one day?:slight_smile:

Took it too

Took it too:)

i did it!

I did it. Fun stuff !

Done. It would be fun to see the results. Cheers.



Funny that you listed “distance” as a type of riding, but “Coker” never appeared in your lineup of unicycle brands. I put “Coker” in the “Other” box…

Filled it out.

When you are done please post the results here, it could be interesting.

Did it! I couldn’t write anything for ‘Where do you think unicycling will be in the next ten years?’ because its impossible to predict :stuck_out_tongue:

not to ruin the survey or anything : P but what about geared hubs??

if the price was a little lower, the market could be huge. They’re already getting popular with the fixed gear crowd.

i said that there will be more competitive companies that build unicycles/accessories, for various riding styles. thats what i wish would happen, anyway. if you think about it, how many companies produce 36ers? a handful? and how many companies make handlebars? 2?

Done. :slight_smile:

Done. Nice survey. :slight_smile:

Where do I see unicycling in 10 years? Accepted as a mainstream “extreme” sport like BMX and skateboarding. Some representation in the X-Games would be nice!


I would like to see unicycling as a category in most cycling events in the next ten years.:smiley:

Done too.

I took it

Done, would love to see results!

I did it all by myself! I would like to see results.

Ever heared of a company called QU-AX. they are one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors in the world. They are not really strong in the states, but is there a good reason for not including them in the survey?