Unicycle Surfing and Sand Dune Drops on Oracle & Oregon

My ride from yesterday. Gotta love the 65 degree days in December on the North Carolina coast! :smiley: I had so much fun riding and editing this one.

Rode the Oracle a little over 4 miles on the beach before I started filming, it did great.

The beach erosion is getting worse, some drops are 5’. I’m working my way up to those. :wink: The ones towards the end of the video were a little over 3’.


What a great place to practice drops! Great video, I enjoyed it!

Great job…I like seeing the failed attempts at the end. When I see good riders having to work at something, it gives me hope I might get better.

Now I wish I had a beach near by to practice drops on :frowning:

Nice job. That’s a beautiful place to ride.

Looks like fun. I’ll have to try beach riding around here sometime!

Thanks for the comments guys!

Practicing drops in the soft, forgiving sand is very nice indeed. I wish I knew more tricks to take advantage of the great scenery but that’s all I got on the heavy Oregon. I want to go back soon and take the bigger drops.

I don’t take where I live for granted, I’m outside everyday, all day! Our beaches and waterways are beautiful.

My favorite part of any video is the outakes and falls. I think they are funny and it shows what really goes into landing a trick or riding a trail.

Thanks For sharing your fun beach adventures James! You’ve got me checking the tide tables and wondering about techniques for rescuing my bearings after Beach play.

Low tide comes twice a day, pack those bearings with fresh grease and go for it! Get some pictures or video, the left coast has the best sunsets!

Thanks for watching my video.

Make sure to give your unicycle a lot of WD40 to get the killing salt off…
especially both ends of the spokes.

That is a cool video. I never thought of taking my uni to the beach.

Mike A.

That’s funny, as soon as I read this I went and inspected all my spoke ends, haha. No rust, even on the old uni’s. A quick rinse afterwards is all you need.

Thanks Mike, it’s really fun to ride out there and falling doesn’t usually hurt as bad. You must be near a beach??

If you’ve got skinny tires just let some air out, be sure to go at low tide and stay on the hard pack. If you’ve got a fatty you can go anywhere!

It had been raining for a couple days before this video so even the soft spots were pretty firm, so the Oracle did better than usual.

Damn cool! Mad backward skillz…gives me something to shoot for. Great video!


Thanks! I practiced in the grass field next to my house for weeks and never rode more than maybe 50’. Out on the beach it was much easier, riding backwards on the concrete now and it’s even easier (obviously less resistance). Good luck!

New video should be posted in the morning with 36er muni, Coker, Oregon, 24" and 20" riding.