Unicycle Style Merry-Go-Round

on the 5th to last episode of Sex and The City (currently running on SA TV - if it’s finished in the States and u say anything to spoil it for me i’ll never speak to u again :wink: - i’m serious) Carrie and Barishnikoff’s character are out in a park somewhere
in two shots u can see a very strange looking merry-go-round-y playground installatin in the backround
it appears to be a big ring (6-8ft accross) with spokes that connect it to a central axle (that’s perpendicular to the ground)
so far so good
the ring is about 20" off the ground
i’m used to seeing just that as a toy on playgrounds
this one had seats for the kids to sit on and every seat was situated over a single wheel with direct drive pedals
tri-cycle- or more correctly, unicycle style

anybody ever see something like that in and around new york?

Re: Unicycle Style Merry-Go-Round

A couple of months ago I saw something just like what you describe in a tiny little town here in Texas. It looked like it was at least 50 years old. If I get back in that area someday I will post a picture. It was Hilarious.


Re: Re: Unicycle Style Merry-Go-Round

i’ll hold u to that

I think there’s one of those round the corner from me in London.


any chance of a pic?