Unicycle Style Generator V2!!!


This is a generator that allows you to change the colour of every component of a trials unicycle. Worth checking out.

An immense improvement on the V1 colour generator.

You can change the colours of the
-seat post
-clamp !!!
-upper frame
-lower frame (forks)
-tyre !!!
-right pedal
-left pedal

I think I’ve decided what colour to spray my unicycle :slight_smile:

Hope you like it



Post some cool colour cominations guys and gals!!!

It’s also nice to know hard work is appreciated…
If you like it, please tell me :slight_smile:


very nice!!
But I want to be able to change the colour of the seat itself too :frowning:

One day…

how are u coding this… its not a hard code no offence but making the seat change colour aswell should be easy

I made it in Flash 4. Not code.

I’ve said many times Dale, if anyone can improve it I am willing to send the .fla file via email.

It wouldn’t be hard to make the seat change colour, mearly time consuming.

If you want to improve it, go ahead, otherwise shut up and stop criticizing my work.

Regards, AndyC.


ok send the FLA ill improve it

??? Lol

What’s your email address Dale?


ive added you to my msn but its


Lets get some unicycle combinations going…

heres mine


this is like the EXACT uni i have lol well it looks like a bedford frame, kh/onza hub and cranks and a alex rim and a kh seat… EXACTLY what i have woooo

While you are at it, can you add sea foam green? Like what Andy has for his rim in his picture for the pedals and seat too. Thats my current setup with no paint on the frame. Unless you count blue layout dye.

This is why Surly should make a trials uni. I like the purple motif.

i’m a sucker for the red and black

uni proto.bmp (812 KB)

i’ve never seen a blue uni… :frowning:

also, can you email me the .fla file or sent on msn: stewie_b@comcast.net

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh angry man

:angry: damm i wish it would work. i carnt get it to work. can someone help me please

Yeah it seems like the link is broken.

I tried just before and it IS broken rofl does anyone have the original file that can be distributed…