I discovered a new way to take my son outside and still get a chance to ride my unicycle. It’s the “Uni-Stroller”!! Check it out at youtube under uni-stroller. I tested it first with a 50lbs. bag of sand. My son loves the ride and it really turns some heads! I have had some mothers give me a mean look because they think I have no control and the child is in danger. I first tried this back in 1989 and it works great! Has anyone ever tried this? It is adjusted to work with a 36" Coker.

Lazy to post a link?

I was born in 1989, where were you when I needed to go for a walk?

hey Eddie, It’s Scott, how’s life going

I have a photo of a boy of about 11 unicycling with a younger sib on his back and a baby sis in the stroller – from 1935. We are not alone.

My eldest is 11, and she and I rode (her, stroller; me, 20" or 24" uni) for years all over Manhattan, occ’ly making the newsreels. When my son came along, I repeated the effect, this time with my daughter standing on one of those stroller-skateboard things. Then we moved to New Paltz, so I rarely get to uni-stroll with my last kid. She and I occ’ly have fun riding around Manhattan when we go in for visits. All together I’d say I’ve ridden perhaps 1000 hours with a stroller in front of me. Wow. I’d never considered that before.

The largest uni I ever did it with was a 29, I think, and it was a bit scary. A Coker would def’ly be a terrible idea for riding with an actual child in the stroller. For one thing, the only point to a Coker is speed, so if you’re just going to ride semi-slowly, you might as well use a smaller wheel. By the way, I did use extentions for the stroller handles so that I didn’t kill my back. It looks like you used those, too.

I also took a few risks, such as riding down a super-steep hill with a stroller-uni while on a 26". Eventually I got the hang of it, but initially it was pretty terrifying.

I have a great photo of my son, at 6, pushing his sister in her stroller. He couldn’t ride on his own at the time, so the stroller gave him some support.

Emmett uni.jpg

Greetings from Austin

Hi Eddie,
This is A.J. from Austin. When are you coming back to Austin for a visit? Love the video. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Hahaha. At least once a week on my in town rides I still get asked if I’m the guy who does the pirouettes? I still can’t get out from under your shadow. Hope everything is well and good. Later.


p.s. My girlfriend got a new Coker for Christmas. She kicks ass on it.

Hey Eddie!

Based on your video, if your son doesn’t throw up, you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

hehehe… I’ll prolly do that with my trials uni… on the flat. Otherwise my wife will kill me :wink:

Yes, although not with a Coker (and even on a 20" my wife was not happy). I’d be surprised if there are any unicycling parents who haven’t tried it.

This picture was taken in 2002, when my daughter was 7 weeks old:

…we do that too…

our first son noah is 6 and he rides already…the other one is 4 months… still can’t ride… :wink:


I leaned it up a bit for you.

with PS?

I cruz my son around Greenwich Village, NY on my Coker with my son in his off road stroller.
People love it. He loves it!

Yes. I just did some auto color and then adjusted the contrast. took 3 seconds but looks better.

…thanks! …guess i’m just to lazy :wink:

[QUOTE=Danny Colyer]
Yes, although not with a Coker (and even on a 20" my wife was not happy). I’d be surprised if there are any unicycling parents who haven’t tried it.

I’d agree, I regularly pushed my kids with the Uni, much more enjoyable than walking. I certainly used a 20" & 26" Muni but IIRC had trouble reaching on the 29er therefore I wouldn’t have tried a 36" wheel.


I’m glad to hear people have tried this before! Everyone kept saying I was a nut case. I thought maybe I was the first to try this, but I’m pleasantly surprized that I’m not. I found that having a leash with the uni-stroller IS a good idea. Wouldn’t want it to get away from you and head into traffic. It almost happened with my sandbag test. On sharp turns I like to pop up the front wheel.

Took boy Muni ing last winter with my 20 inch trials uni and his off road CTS jogger ( also with 20 inch wheels). He was 8 or nine months old 1st time. We have been round a few fairly easy 3-5 mile MTB trails in the local woods.

Keep him off the LIE divider!

Like father, like son!! :astonished:

Jerry Pack

I used to Uni all over the place with my youngest son in a Jerry Pack on my back. My wife did not like this at all but I did it when she was not around. Once the kid got over 15lbs my ass started to hurt so I stopped. It was great fun while it lasted. The kid loved it (especially going down stairs!) He would squeal and laugh in delight! I loved it and I got a lot of Wow and you are nuts remarks. Don’t know which ones I enjoyed more!