Unicycle Street View

Is this somewhat cool or what?

If you look at my house on Google Street View you can see David Weichenberger riding my Coker!!!



wow, mega cool! I just looked on my Iphone and it works brilliantly. :slight_smile:

Can’t find the link right now but Leo Vandewoestijne claimed to have been the first unicyclist on Google Streetview. But hey, you didn’t post a link either.

What? you don’t know where the famous Rocket lives? :wink:

I will leave him post the link.

Stevenage. But the town is too big to cruise completely on Google Streetview :slight_smile:

See screen grab attached.



Only somewhat cool?
This must be an example of British understated humour.

That’s very cool. Was he trying to get on street view by knowing Google was driving around that day or did it just happen?


It’s a good thing David’s identity has been protected by the blurring. Now he’s totally anonymous!

Another question: Do you know when the picture was taken?

Does google blur them or did you do that yourself?

No. It was completely coincidental. He just wanted to try out the Coker, went outside with it, and the camera truck was driving past.

I think he was over here for BUC in Devon so that would make it April 2009

Google blurs them


They also blur license plates.