Unicycle Store Locations in the States

Hey guys, quick question.

Is there any unicycle supplier around san jose (preferable) or san francisco? There’s a guy at my juggling club who is still using cottered cranks, and he’s looking to update with a freestyle and a MUni real soon. He’d like to pick one of either up while he’s down in the states around those cities if possible, and especially if there’s any price difference.


Below is the link to Unicycle.com’s California dealer listing. I’d suggest calling ahead to see what they have in stock.


Great, thanks :slight_smile:

A handy list; lots of dealers in the Bay area! But some may be inactive. I noticed one in Roseville that’s been out of business for a few years now.

Note: Unless those dealers have the cycle you chose in stock, they will have to order it the same as anyone else, and wait for it to arrive. In other words, it is equally possible to just order from Unicycle.com, if you have the time to wait for delivery.