Unicycle Stockist In South Africa

some good news, The Jolly Juggler (South Africa’s premier supplier of all things juggly) have decided to meet the increasing demand for unicycles in South Africa and just wrapped up negotiations with suppliers
stock should be available within the next month

this website (still in early design stages) will put u in contact with garth who can answer all your questions about range, prices and availabillity

if u’re in SA and u’ve been bitten by the one-wheeled bug, get in touch
(there is a special that includes free unicycling lessons in the pipeline.
watch this space)

i’ve seen a lot of posts from uniers from j-berg. are there any in cape town. i will be there on the 20th of august and am looking for a recomendation of a trail and\or a partner for a Muni ride.


one that i know of
his name is Jade
i’m not sure how much offroad stuff he does
mail me on unigild@hotmaildotcom, i can pass your detail on to him