Unicycle stands

Hi all,

My room is becoming a little scary to live in, due to all the unicycles lying around the place. What I could really use is a nice stand / rack which can take one (or more) unicycles. I’ve seen that there are some stands on UDC but I have a 29er and 36er which really seem to need a more heavyweight solution.

Any products that would suit? Any bright ideas?


in order to help, i need to know one thing, to you own a shot gun? just kidding, they have the hanger heads that screw in the wall that work really well on UDC have you seen them?

Nope, no shotguns here :slight_smile: I find brandishing a 36" wheel to be considerably more intimidating, and it probably has a wider blast radius too!

One thing I should have mentioned: I can’t screw things into the wall (unless they can somehow fit onto / in place of a shelf bracket). My tenancy agreement only allows me to knock picture pins in these walls :frowning:

Apart from the possibility of somehow attaching to the shelving rails, this makes a floorstanding rack of some kind seem quite appealing…

You could get those ceiling racks for b*kes.

enchant them so the levitate

Or leave them standing upright, perfectly balanced.

Something like a bicycle workstand would probably work (stable base with tall pole and clamp on the end), but they’re not cheap.
Otherwise, lean them against the wall? Get rid of all your chairs and use the unicycles instead (you’ll get really good at idling).
If you’ve got those movable shelf bracket thingies that fit into rails on the wall you should be able to buy or make a hook that fits into those.


knock about a hundred picture pins into one place on the wall, tie a string to each, knot the strings together, hang a hook from that.

eh? eh?!

How full is your closet. If you have some room in the front hall closet or in your bedroom closet, you can hang them from the front of the seat on your closet rod. I bought one of those wooden shelf units that you can buy at Rona or Home Depot that look like they are made from old pallets and I just didn’t put in all the shelves. I put in the top two and one in the very bottom for support and my uni’s all hang from the front of the seat. Really stubborn ones you can bungee the handle but I have never had a problem. You also end up with room for your stuff on the shelves.

yet another option would be one of those bike stands that go from floor to ceiling, with a telescopic pole. so it’ll be free standing and you could stack, not sure about the suitablility of the fittings though.
check ouy the storage section at www.wiggle.co.uk

If it was me, I’d get a heavy duty hook from the hardware store and screw it into the ceiling (technically, not a wall). Seriously, if your landlord doesn’t insist in inspections to make sure you’re not trashing the place, you could do this and patch the hole before you move out. Cheap and easy to do.

I’ve read here in the past of folks raising their bed and putting uni’s underneath.

Something like this… you might have to do a little extra work, but it would give you something to attach hooks to without putting holes int he wall. I think I could easily get 4-6 unis on this thing without having to get too fancy.


Screw the hooks into the ceiling. Paint them the same color as the ceiling. When you move out leave them. If anyone asks say there were there when you moved in.

get some of these and hang your uni on em by the seat.

how many unis do you have?

Not many by the standards of unicyclist.com!

A 20" learner uni, a 20" BC wheel, a 29er muni and a 36" tourer. The latter two are hard to manage and take up a lot of space - it’s worth it, though :slight_smile:

Not the best diagram…you get me!If you have stairs and/or a front porch…

Rats it didn’t appear…If it still doesn’t…http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15263&stc=1&d=1158948806

schrow it man just schrow a hock in the sealing (go to the hard whar store)
and when u move out just get a luttle bottle of paint and paint over the hole :thinking: