Unicycle Stand

I have a 20 inch unicycle and a 36 inch unicycle. I have looked around and have not found a unicycle stand that is meant for a 36er. Does anyone have a good idea as to a stand that is able to hold multiple unicycles of different size?

I’m using a guitar stand, works great.

I have found this: http://www.cokercycles.com/accessories/coker-unicycle-stand-display

make one :slight_smile:

Do you think something like this would work?

qu-ax made several (for 1, 4 or 8 uni)

Looks small as a 36" unicycle stand.
+1 for making for making one yourself.
Since you have two unis already, why not build a dual uniStand?

Any ideas about making a uni stand from anyone who has done it before? If anyone has done it, maybe some pictures would be appreciated?

Does it have to be a stand? Hooks in the ceiling work well.

this is a link to an older thread with a few ideas.

Thanks for the thread! I’ve found some videos on people making bike racks out of pvc pipes. I think I’ll just modify one of those into a uni rack

I just use a mobile clothes rack to hang mine from. Just Google images for one to get the idea. I have 5 unis hanging off it, so, as long as the cross bar is good enough, you should be OK. And you can move it around too.

This was my practical wife’s idea, so I take no credit for it.


i hang mine from the celing

Me too. All you need is wood beams (or studs) and a hook. The unicycle never falls down, even if you bump it!

I was never much for unicycle stands, since most of them are only slightly more stable than the unicycle without a stand. Unicycles don’t need to be right-side up when nobody’s on them. I usually have only used them in shows, to create a more interesting backdrop.

Back to ceiling (or wall) hanging, not only is it real simple, but if your ceiling is high enough, it gets the unicycles out of the way for other stuff (like cars) to fit underneath. Without my ceiling, I would never be able to fit 40 (or so) unicycles in my garage with my wife’s car. :slight_smile:

Do you have a picture to share with us? I would love to see how you fit 40 (or so) unis in your garage. I got four (on a home made stand) and its getting crowded.

Look on his web site

Batman and John

John, your garage must look like a bat cave, especially if the unis are hanging upside down (by the wheels)

If its john no…