Unicycle squeaks

Sorry, I’m quite a newbie still considering I only had the unicycle for a little over a month. But I think I managed to butcher it during these 5 weeks and it’s beginning to squeak when I am on it and peddling. The unicycle does not squeak when I just turn the wheels while holding it up.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t a good thing as it didn’t speak prior to today. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Thanks much.

its most likely your spokes
get them tightened.
seat and pedals are also options.

One thing that I found on my first uni (bought a cheap one for £25) was that one of the welds cracked on the frame causing it to squeak as I rode. This is due to very cheap, poor quality welding.
How much did you pay for your uni? Check all of the welds for errors.

check everything u could possibly check and tighten anything that is loose ESPECIALLY cranks, pedals and spokes.

It’s quite likely to be the Cranks. My Aluminium cranks have just started squeaking a bit lately- kind of clicking. It’s really annoying cos you can’t do them up any tighter. If you have any movement in your cranks try to get them tightened immediately. Check your pedals and spokes as mentioned above- and also make sure there are no Mice trapped inside the frame.

seat post as well, could be the weight shifting…my uni was squeeking just today from the post…

What do you do then?

I went out to buy some spanners today (The shop I bought the unicycle from put the whole thing together for me), will head home after work to see if I can tighten anything.

Thanks for the replies.

A few times when I’ve had my unicycle at the bike shop they returned it to me with the left pedal on the right crank, or the seat on backwards. Although when this happens usually the unicycle will make more of a clicking noise, however it is just one more thing to look for. Usually begginners dont realize that prolonged unicycling when something is backwards like that can damage your unicycle.

how tight should your cranks be?

Most people recomend 45 ft/lbs. The max on most cranks is 65 ft/lbs.

The most likely causes for squeeking on my uni were a loose seat, or post. If my cranks were creeking, they would soon start to wobble. If it felt like the whole uni was wobbling, it was either loose bearing caps or a loose seat.

My b*ke’s spokes would sometimes squeek if they ere loose, but I’ve never noticed that on my uni.

Just an update. Used a size 15 spannar on the right pedal, that fixed the squeak. =)

Thanks for the replies guys.