Unicycle squeaking


I got a Qu-Ax Profi (20"), with a frame very similar to this (infact, looks exactly the same) (http://bit.ly/1Gfsmfn) which came with a cheap unicycle from lidl a couple of yeas ago.

Anyway, put that frame on it as its slightly taller and could fit a offroad bmx tyre on it, the qu-ax frame is too small for a bmx tyre.

I have learned to go off tall kerbs now (30-40cm high) and have been doing it quite a lot for the past week or so.

I discovered on my way home from school today that its making a squeaking noise. I also had this with my lidl unicyle (one I learned to ride with) after a while of riding. I am not sure what this is, whether it is the frame or something else.

It is a Qu-Ax Profi, with Club unicycle frame, and DimondBlack Bigfoot pedals on them, and Qu-Ax ISIS 100mm-ish cranks on them.

That could be the spokes they tend to squeak when they get a bit loose. Nothing to worry about, just check and tighten them up every once in a while. :slight_smile:

Check and see if all the nuts and bolts are properly tightened.

Dry pedal bearings is another potential squeak.

Do be careful just tightening spokes as you can warp, oval or eccentric the wheel if you don’t really know what you are doing.

Hub ?? … :frowning:

I was given the impression that ISIS hubs are pretty strong, so I wouldn’t think that it was strong (although I think the name isn’t that great).

I will try the spokes. I have tightened spokes on my MTB, so it would be the same on a unicycle, right?

The pedals might need a bit of WD-40, which I will try.

WD40 is a solvent, not a lubricant. Good for displacing water, dissolving old lumps of hardened grease and penetrating into rust but not especially slippery.

Pedals need a lubricant. I have used a silicone spray. Seems to work fine but keep it off the plastic parts because it makes them slipperier.

i.s.i.s. splined hubs are good but some are tougher than others i.e. some have the flanges pressed on and some have the flanges welded on.

The pressed flanges may loosen under stress and make a squeaking noise whereas the welded flanges are more robust. I replaced a squeaking pressed hub with a welded hub on my Impulse 36er and haven’t had any squeaks since.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

+1. Loose crank bolt or loose bearing caps bolts can creaks.


I will try the spokes. I have tightened spokes on my MTB, so it would be the same on a unicycle, right?

The spokes on my 20" freestyle unicycle have similar tension to the spokes on my BMX, which is fairly rigid.

Found and fixed the issue.

Turns out it has nothing to do with the wheel, cranks or anything, I am going to sound stupid, but all it was is the seatpost clamp too tight :angry: . I taken the whole unicycle apart, put it back together still couldn’t find the problem. Half hour later,

I wanted to lower the seat, but noticed it was a lot harder to undo than usual. Which makes sense, because I lowered the seat the day before because some kid in the year below said he could ride it, do 360s etc, so I lowered the seat. He couldn’t get on it and fell face flat to the ground :smiley: (I get people doing this all the time, properly had 20+ people said they can ride it and no one has actually been able to ride it!)

So all it was is that the seat post was too tight. I feel really stupid now!

No problem. Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: