unicycle spotting

lol, flipping thru the channels, went by the new show “oblivious” the host was walking on some boardwalk, maybe in california. he ran up to some guy on a unicycle(looked like a savage…or maybe a viscount seat) and asked him what the name of the skinny girl on ally mcbeal’s name was…he gets it right, calista flockhart, and the host gives him 20 bucks and walks off

the unicyclist was riding next to a skateboarder, the host didnt even bat an eye to the fact the guy was on a unicycle

crazt place to see a unicycle, but it shows that unicycles are getting to be more prevailent

Cool. I was riding on the North Shore yesterday and a hard core mountain biker said, “I thought there was only one of you crazy f*uckers up here.”