Unicycle spotting - Cwmcarn

Someone was spotted at Cwmcarn yesterday and got a mention on STW:


Anyone here?

So we’re nutters. That’s a new one. I like it!


‘are you sure he started off on a unicycle, and hadn’t just snapped his frame in half?’

a new variatoin to ‘weres the other wheel?’

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya Nick!

it was me!

did the XC course and both the DH courses. was awesome!

the DH is some of the best i have ridden but the XC is not as good as Afan.

Take it easy

Not that I’m thread-jacking at all, but does anyone know of any municyclists in the Aberystwyth area - I’m a first year student at Aber uni, and have yet to find anyone else nearby (though I’ve had friends say they’ve spotted someone).

Muni in Aber anyone?

  • Sam

i dnot know of any1 that rides in that area but i may be up for meeting up at some point.
have you found any good rides yet?
take it easy