Unicycle Spotting - article on Dump Your Wife Now.

Seems they’ve been googling ‘divorce’ for some time now.

I like Jerrick’s remark “Unicycles won’t leave you for another”…

I agree with you on that cause it makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also welcome to the forums phillb. I welcome you to the forums with open arms and mighty big hugs.

If you acquire assistance or help. Don’t hesitate to ask or PM me as i’m always be here to help you with your unicycling problems like i am with other unicyclists on this forum and i will try to help you and them to the best of my knowledge. By the way you can call me Harry if you want. Your like the new member of this large family. So have fun, enjoy, relax and welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling.

Your new friend. :smiley:
Harry a.k.a HAZMAT

Hi phillb! Welcome to the forums.

Divorce, its a random thing to associate with unicycling but hey, i dont know anything about the matter. And I like Jerrick’s views on it “Unicycles won’t leave you for another” made me lol:D

I wonder how far he searched YouTube for the vid at the end. Is she a divorced unicyclist?

It’s also a rather handy way to reinforce MikeFule’s warning on the thread.