Unicycle spoting

Another Family Guy unicycle moment!

Glen and Sheryl Tiegs first meet when Quagmire was unicycle busking with a parrot!

“I think unicycles are sexy”, Sheryl Tiegs.

A truly pointless thread, but im just a huge FG fan and of course UNI fan, so when the worlds collide I must shout atop a mountain of cyberspace (or thread in a forum).

I saw that to and had a bunch of people text me and be like i saw you on FG

edit: 1000th post

I saw it and loved it, especially when she said “unicycles are sexy”! :smiley:

Family Guy has shown a lot of unicycle clips. Maybe someone on the staff rides, so it comes up as a joke often?

ya the staff rides alot

unicycles are sexy

I told my wife as soon as I saw it that one of you guys probably spotted it and posted about it first because I am the delayed watching DVR king. I had to post it in the Chick Magnet thread (link below).