Unicycle sports rules

>I want to add rules (at least for Basketball and Hockey) to the IUF
>This will make it a more interesting and useful thing to read, and more worthy
>of us to charge money for a paper copy.

I still don’t know where to get rules for unicycle basketball. If anyone out
there has a version that they can send me by email, file attachment, disk in the
mail or (worst case scenario) in paper form, please let me know immediately. I
would hate to put out an IUF rulebook with hockey rules and no basketball rules.

I got the hockey rules from the Unicycling Homepage. There were two versions,
and I combined them into something I think is clear and mostly complete. I
want to bounce it off a few people, and I’ll send it to them. If you also
would like to review these hockey rules, let me know. If you are on
iuf-discuss you will get it.

Also looking for other sports and games rules. I have Uni Grid, and my own
versions of Sumo/Gladiators/Demolition Derby. I would like to hear from people
in Europe how they play Gladiators there.

Thanks dudes, John Foss unicycle@aol.com