unicycle sponsorsing

ive been seeing some talk of getting sponsored in unicycling. does this pretty much work the same as other sport sponsorships where i would create a video showcasing my skills and send to unicycle companys? or do you have to go to uni meets and trials comps. and whatnot? also what sorta companies do sponsoring?

we’ve been over this about a million times, use the search. and unless you’re winning huge contests/starring in videos, don’t expect much in sponsonship from the few unicycle companies. 661 will sponsor basically any but it’s a slight discount on gear(at the lowest level), i’d try a local bike shop for some sort of a hook up.

Don’t be discouraged by the above message. It’s clear you’re a newbie to the forum so we’ll excuse you not using the search function just this once.
As markf said, it’s gonna be pretty hard for you to get sponsored by any big noises in unicycling but why not try other places such as skate/bmx/mountain biking sponsors or energy drinks companies will sometimes sponsor riders. Just search about and really showcase yourself, sell your positives and make sure they know that you will be an asset.


i dont get why kris holm keeps sponsering all these rockclimbers

I presume it’s because he is also into rock climbing. I guess rock climbing isn’t very high profile so he wants to help the sport out as much as possible, like he does with unicycling.
Speaking of KH riders, does anyone know about Zack Baldwins position, sorry to high-jack the thread.

I’d guess he’s wanting to sell to new riders. Rock climbers are a bunch of people who are likely to give things a go, used to spending money on gear, and if they were to buy unicycles, are likely to be interested in the same kind of muni riding that Kris does.

Sponsoring non-unicyclists is a way to grow unicycling. People who are only visible to unicyclists aren’t so likely to sell unicycles to new people.


as i know zack baldwins quited unicycling…

thats boring… he was amazing

I know! He said that it was to spread the sport of unicycling to a bigger audiance. Also, rock clibming ties to unicycling very well to unicycling.

Right you are. Climbing/skiing/unicycling are all similar in regards to balance and core strength, as well as other aspects. Kris is not sponsoring just your average rock climbers, he’s sponsoring some of the best climbers. All three, Dean Potter, Steph Davis (married to Dean), and Lynn Hill, have set very high standards for climbing. They all have records on El Cap as well as many other places.

It’s great to see climbers being recognized by other companies, especially unicycling companies, and Kris is a great link between the communities.

Check out http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54576 for more info on his sponsorships.