unicycle sponsorship

i have started loooking for sponsors and i was wondering if anyone else on this forum is sponsored. i know a few of you are buit i was wondering who all is sponsored.

who r u look to get sponcerd from?? and how??

First off (dont take this personally) but to get sponsored you have to have some skills… someone that is just a begginer that cant ride trials streeet of freestyle wont get sponsored… 661 is an easy sponsor also kh bedford and syko productions sponsor ppl but yea that’s tight…oh torker also oes sponsor ppl

one place is a local skate, bike, motorcycle, other sports shop. i know the owner preety good and i asked. i was going to try unicycle.com but they said that they wouldn’t sponsor me because the sport is to small and they are sponsoring five perfessionals already

that is the reason i asked a local bike shop that i know the owner of well

after i ask the skate shop i am going to wait until i get a lot better

yes… but if ur not “special” I mean you gotta be one of the bests to get sponsored… especially by big companies…

all i can do is:

mount left
mount right
kick up mount left
side reverse left
jump mount
suicide mount
ride forwards
ride sif

i have only been riding for a month and like three days so i don’t really care that much.

i also do a little trails.

that is why i am starting small

i don’t care if i get sponsored i thought i would ask him

hey man, dont worry bout gettin sponsored, just enjoy riding and learning new stuff. thats what its all about buddy.

I have gotten some fantastic sponsors for the movie I am filming now.

Schlumpf Innovations
And, I can’t believe it!! Glidecam!

thats what im going to do


i am sponsored by udc australia but i am nowhere near as good as some of the people here. i think the reason is that the business is just starting up in australia, and there arent many riders in melbourne (in the bottom-right hand corner of aus) where i live and the udc warehouse is.

Cool! Is that you in the photo holding the camera? oh wait - you’re a brunette, huh. :roll_eyes:

Be sure to take film of the glidecam operator!

Wow! That’s awesome Brian.

Yeah, remind me to not put any of these supplies in your car…

Nope, you don’t have to be good to get sponsered. As long as the company thinks you can promote they’re product, they’ll sponsor you. But, that sponsorship might not be very benifiteble to you, they might just give you free stickers or something…

BUT, you’d be SPONSORED!

personally, I’m not sponsored, and I don’t plan on being, unless it was by my lbs. They gave me a tshirt already, but they don’t really carry unis.