unicycle speed record

ok so ive heard that 18 mph is the record speed on a uncicycle… i wouldve thought that it would be like 50 or somthing with all the crazy people in the world today. I can imagine it must be hard to go pretty fast because unicycles dont have free wheel soyou could never stop. i was riding down my street and it felt like i was going pretty fast maybe 8-10 mph i was riding fast or at least i thought i was well… i was flying down the sidewalk at what seemed to be about 10 mph and i leaned forward a little to much and jumped off and the momentum sent me running about 20 feet in front of my unicycle uncontrolably

i dont think 18mph is anywhere near the record

im not sure what it is though

The hour record is over 18mph, so people have ridden at that speed for 18 miles constantly. I seem to remeber talk of a guy hitting around 30mph, but that was from eye witness estimates rather than a speedo. I think people have been clocked in the high twenties certainly.

Might pay to hit the ‘search’ button…it’s been discussed many times.

But the same answer again is:
Christian Hoverath 48km/hr in a Downhill sprint (Coker and 125mm cranks)

Not many documented max speeds on the flat…but I would imagine the top riders can do between 32-36km/hr in short bursts.


p/s oh, and before Harper answers…it’s possible to go much faster by jumping out of a aeroplane with your unicycle.

Or coasting on a coker…

i near 29mph(37kph?) on a sclumf uni

29 mph would be 46.67 kph, which would put you up there near record territory.

48 kph is 29.83 mph.

How were you clocked?

Not many documented max speeds on the flat…but I would imagine the top riders can do between 32-36km/hr in short bursts./QUOTE]

Here’s Dustin Schaap showing his recorded max speed of 39.3 km/h during the 10 km race at Unicon XIII.

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Not exactly my favourite photo, as it doesn’t show me like the sexy beast I am, but 39.3km/h is a pretty fast time in my opinion, if you’re really trying to set a speed record you could go much faster than that… If you look at Christian Hoverath’s supposed speed and his time at the marathon, I think there might be some inaccuracy in it, even though these small bursts of speed can be quite high. I know Sam is very fast, I heard him say he went above 40km/h on a downhill once, so that’s pretty fast. You’ve got to realise that cyclocomputers and especially GPS systems have a slight inaccuracy, it could be interesting to test it officialy sometime.