Unicycle Speech

I am going to be making a speech at school on unicycling and I am thinking of what the main points should be. Should it be more about Ride The Lobster or more about the History and the people that unicycle? Can you help me out here?

Different types of Unicycling.
Why you like it.
How you started.
What you can do.
What the very best people can do.

The rewards and deep personal satisfaction of learning a skill that to most people looks impossible, and how you’ve applied this experience to other challenges in your life.

Know who your audience is. Younger ages will probably want to know about riding backwards, hops, flips, spins. The daredevil stuff.

Hay bro I wrote you a PM, kinda long hahhaa. I did a speech for unicycling earlier this year for my CMST class, im not sure what grade your in but I got an A on it and it was a 109 class. I gave you my outline to the speech I did just to give you an idea of what topics I went with and the organizational patern I used. I kidna crossed between topical and chronological. Good luck with the speech and let us know how it went!

I think for a speech you should focus more on getting new riders, meaning you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself. I think you should go over these:

-Where to get a unicycle (tell them that new learner unicycles can cost as little as $70)
-How easy it really is to learn (some people think it takes years)
-How fun it is
-What people can do
-And explain that it is actually very safe to do (explain that 95% of falls are just stepping off the unicycle and letting it go)

That should convince a few people to try it. Then you can go into what SamGoodburn was saying by talking about yourself.


Its your speech so I think you should figure out for yourself what it should cover. Ahh, if only the internet existed when I was in school… I could have slept even more.:stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum, and please let us know what direction your speech goes in.


Also if anyone has any good history websites for info for history and other info.
I would appreciate your help:D

There is plenty of information on www.unicycling.com and www.unicycling.org

you should deff point out how much more of a bad a** you are for not needing two wheels :smiley:

seriously though, I would point out the skill required to ride a unicycle I think most people assume its just like riding a bike. Not to say its something thats over the top difficult, but it uses different muscles and coordination (hey children can do it!)

The problem isn’t deciding what to say. It’s deciding what not to say. You need to avoid rambling on without focus or structure.

How long will the speech be in minutes?

Can you work from notes?

Can you read it out?

Can you use visual aids such as a wallchart?

Here’s a simple rule: the rule of three.

Think of three things (e.g. an introduction, a main point, and a follow up point.)

Think of three main things to say about each. You can use the same “introduction, main point, follow up point” structure.

That gives you 3 x 3 = 9 things to say.

Now if you break each of those 9 into three, you have 9 x 3 = 27 points.

27 points at a minute each is very nearly half an hour. At 30 seconds each, it’s around 15 minutes.

But by using the 3 x 3 x 3 formula, you have the basic structure for a simple presentation.

It also works for other numbers of course. You could choose 2 x 3 x 4 = 24, or whatever.

But as most things need a beginning, a middle and an end, 3 x 3 x 3 is good.

Another good rule:

  1. Tell 'em what you’re going to say
  2. Say it
  3. Tell 'em what you’ve said.

That is

  1. Give them an idea what to expect and what you intend to cover.
  2. Talk about it.
  3. Summarise what you’ve said.

As for the content, that should be easy.

If you can. I’d also ride your unicycle a bit.

If your not confident with doing any tricks… just ride it to where you begin your speech. :slight_smile:

If a projecter is available… I’d deffinately go for showing them some of the cool stuff that has been done on a unicyle… The frontflip, some flatland, the 128 sidehop, hardcore muni, freestyle spins.

Just to really show it to them.

Good luck!

Good words of wisdom. One thing I had some difficulty with was my time structure, we could all go on for days in the subject we like most. Make sure you dont talk too much from a unicyclist prespective, avoid shop talk(Using technical terms, sadly there is a good number of people who dont know what a crank is when you are talking about unicycles)! For visual aids as I mentioned In my PM I brought several unicycles with me. I however did not ride a single one during my speech for a few reasons; 1. It can cause you to be winded making your next statements hard to understand. 2. The actual riding can divert attention from the subject matter. 3. Listeners aren’t always the best at using the appropriate filters and may be destracted from you sweating on your note cards :wink:


My speech went very well it was about five and a half minutes thanks for the help everyone.:):):):):):slight_smile:

Demonstration Speech

I am to give a demonstration speech in Speech Communication in about two weeks, and I was naturally considering showing the class how to ride a unicycle. The speech is to be 6-8 minutes long, so I’m not sure how I will fill that time with showing them how to ride. I’ve read some good stuff on this thread, but does anyone have any ideas for how a demonstration speech involving a unicycle should look?

It should look like you not knocking anything over. Since the assignment is a speech rather than a lecture/demo, maybe you can do a speech about unicycling and finish up by riding it across the room, out the door, etc. Then you can make the speech about all aspects of unicycling, or just about yourself and your own personal experiences with it.