UniCycle SoftWare

After reading all this Uni speed stuff, I decided to write a program to calculate it. I’m taking feedback for mods and reporting errors, etc. The code was pretty easy, so I’m pretty sure all is well.

I think the user interface is slick and easy to understand, but I would welcome comments.

Download it free from http://www.ironjungle.com/

Just click on the “IJ Software” link. The price is right ($0)!

While you are there, check out BeerCalc and our other software programs.

Very, very nice work. Thanks for making it available to everyone.


Thanks for taking a look. It was good fun writing it. Let me know if you have a suggestion to improve it.

A foot speed calculation would be interesting. Foot speed is how fast your feet are moving in a circle. It’s calculated based on cadence and crank length.

Roger does a foot speed calculation in his Excel spreadsheet: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/cranklength.xls

The theory goes that your maximum foot speed is going to be fairly constant for different wheels and crank sizes.

Wow, newtouni has brought something new to uni! Great job. --chirokid–

When I try to run it, it asked what I wanted to use to run the program. Any hints?

It may be asking you what you want to use to unzip the file. The download is a ZIP file. It’s a compressed container file. You need to uncompress the ZIP file to get at the contents.

If you don’t have a zip utility to uncompress the file then try FreeZip.

Thanks for the suggestion. Since I barely know anything about unis, this is the type of comment I was looking for.

I’ll rev the software and post here when the changes are up at http://www.ironjungle.com