Unicycle slipping?

My son just started riding a giraffe unicycle. He’s doing quite well, but he says that sometimes the wheel feels like it is slipping on the pavement. It causes him to lose control and fall. Any ideas / suggestions? Thanks!

Probably the sprocket unscrewing from the hub. Usually the sprocket is threaded on a right hand thread and locked with a left handed lock ring.

So, take it to the bike shop, and ask them to remove and clean the lock ring and neighboring parts, to get grease out of the areas where you want them to grip, then use red/permanent Loctite, and tighten the crap out of it.

If it is indeed a Track-style hub that’s slipping, it’s because those were designed for bikes, which only get pedaled in one direction. On a unicycle, they get a lot more reverse torque (in proportion to forward torque), so they can come loose.

If they can’t get it to stay tight, I would consider replacing the hub with one that has a bolt-on sprocket. The Schwinn Giraffe originally came with a Track hub, but they had this problem. Later models had three bolts holding the sprocket on; problem solved.

Our giraffes also came with screwed sprockets but they were also welded on some points to prevent coming loose. If you have someone with a welder, screw it on and then secure it with some welding spots.