Unicycle/Slacks-line/Juggling Festival @ Montreal, Canada [May 2012]

  • Montreal’s Skill Games Festival [SIZE=“2”](temporary name)- [/SIZE]
    [May 11-13 2012]

Hello fellow unicyclists,

This year, Montreal’s local unicycle shop Boutique Saltimbanque and North American’s Qu-Ax distributor Goudurix associates to organize a gigantic event ! Three major sport are been represented this year : Unicycle, Slacks-Line and Juggling ! It will be three days of intense activities @ school Lucien Pagé in Montréal, Québec, Canada ! The local unicycle club, Monotréal, is taking care of the unicycle part of the festival and we are organizing something BIG! The schedule will be available soon, but here is a little preview for the unicycle part of the event !

Activities :

A huge outside and inside Trial setup for the three days of the festival!
Open gym for Basketball & Hockey unicycle games
Open Gym for Flat & Freestyle
Urban Exploration (street, trial, etc …)
Muni ride at local Mount-Royal in Montreal downtown.
etc …

Workshops & Demonstrations:

Trial demo and workshop by Trial World Champion MAX SCHULZE
Street demo and workshop by HUGO DUGUAY
Movie Night
etc …

Friendly competition:

High and long jump contest
Best trick contest
Flaming puck !!
etc …

In addition to all the unicycle events, Juggling and Slackline organizers promises a major events too with special guests, public show, etc… ! Full of great activities for 3 days !

Still plenty of detail to come concerning accommodation, detailed schedule, etc. …

Website: http://festivaldecirquedemontreal.com

Any questions, please e-mail at benoit[at]goudurix[dot]com

Montreal’s unicycle club - Monotréal.

[EDIT] Preliminary schedule can be downloaded here now.

Calendrier Festival 2012.pdf (380 KB)

Festival’s flyer + Schedul v2

Here is the flyer with general information for the event ! Plus, the preliminary schedule for the whole event is now available !

See you there !

Calendrier Festival 2012.pdf (374 KB)


Check it out, a lot of workshop for everyone ! Unicyclist, slackliners, jugglers, this convention is for you !

Lodging :

Indoor camping is available. One of three gyms is reserved for sleeping at night. Bring your sleeping bag. Shower and changing room on site. The gym will be used for activities during the day, so don’t expect to sleep late.

There is a special parking area reserved for camper vans and tent trailers. Camp fires are NOT permitted


Weekend price:
40.00 $ for the weekend (includes 3 days, plus show).
*10% discount for members of JAQ and Monotréal

À la carte :
10.00 $ / day
10.00 $ for the Saturday supper
8.00 $ Gala show Saturday night - child (-18 years)
15.00 $ Gala show Saturday night – Adult
5.00 $ for a non-participating adult accompanied by a child (may not participate in workshops, games ,competitions, etc…)
FREE for children six years old and under

Any questions ==> benoit @ goudurix.com

Hope to see you in numbers in May !