Unicycle Skyline Drive - Shenandoah National Park, VA

+1 on that. Don’t hurt yourself any more. You might consider running the 165 moments if you’re worried about your knee? All it does is make you more bike-like. (i.e. easier on your knee) When I changed from 165 to 150, I’m not sure I gained any speed at all. Maybe half a mile an hour worth of cruise speed. The 150s just made me able to spin a little faster going downhill, which is rare enough that I almost kind think 165s would be at least as good as the 150s, and less stressful on joints… if I cared only about downhill speed, I’d probably be struggling with 125s, haha. 150-165 probably doesn’t make too much of a difference, though, so if you don’t have them, it’s not worth it.

A big w00t for 36ers, though!

I lived in NC and loved Skyline Dr. With our Panama Evo of Balance trip in January, it’s doubtful I could make this ride, depending on when it takes shape, but I would try to be there. We know a bunch of folks in DC, so a family trip might make it work.

wow, didn’t expect this kind of interest!

if we want to do a tour, i guess i was thinking sometime between late february and early May. I am pretty open to other seasons (next year), though. after reading James’ input, i realize that we won’t be able to ride with my bike friends, but i think it would be fun to start at the same time. one thing that seems like it would be cool is to start at opposite ends and meet and camp together one night in the middle.