Unicycle Skills - vintage

When I was cleaning out my shed I came across a dusty box of old school unicycle skills. It was a long long time ago when I got all of these unicycle skills and honestly I no longer have a use for them. I don’t even really know why I got them in the first place. Rather than have them going unused here I have decided to sell them.

This is an ideal opportunity for a cashed up learner unicyclist who does not have time to practice.
All prices are in Australian dollars (which is possibly soon to be worth more that the US dollar).

Here is the complete list of sale items…

Complete set of Level 1 skills including freemount and graceful dismount - $45-

Level 2 skills - $20 each

Level 3 skills - $25 each (but riding with the stomach on the seat is free because it looks silly).

Level 4 skills - $30 each and I will throw in some screws that fell out of the bottom of a viscount saddle and some lollipop style bearing holders.

Level 5 skills - $35 each (all available except for wheel walking. I might use that someday).

Assorted skills from level 6 - $40 until sold out.

All skills will be sent via post or courier.

You wouldn’t by chance have any trials skills to sell. I ride MUni, and I think I could get into more terrain if I coud do a rolling hop about a meter high.

do you by chance carry unispins? i am tired of pedal bite and it would really be nice to just know this skill