Unicycle Skills Clinic, North Bend WA 04-01-06

Just a teaser for you. I don’t have all of the details at my fingertips.
The Panther Pride Unicycle Team will be hosting a Unicycle Skills Clinic,
April 1, 2006. Registration will be $10 per person. The day starts at 9 am.
There will be a hot dog lunch($3.00) available. 5:30 pm will be the start of our annual Gumbo Dinner. For a change we will also be serving chicken nuggets. Following dinner will be a public show. Connie Cotter will be in attendance also.
This event has a big hit last year
More information email
Alan Tepper Coach at:
teppera (at) snoqualmie.k12.wa.us

where is it?

in North Bend…I miiight be able to make it.

where exactly is north bend…?

in Washington.

far from spokane?

North Bend is 30 miles due east of Seattle on I-90. Workshop will be held at North Bend Elementary. Alot of people showed up last year and was a great time.

Here’s some photos that UniBrier posted from last year’s workshop.


This event takes place at North Bend Ele. Gym.
Located at 400 east 3rd street
North Bend, WA 98045

See you tomorrow!