unicycle skatepark

I am wanting to go unicycling at the local skatepark but I need to know what size wheel and rim width I would need so I was wondering if anyone could help.

Thats up to you :slight_smile: most people use 20inch wheels but some also use 24inch and 26inch. With 24 and 26 you get alot more speed so you can easily go up and down the ramps, but it’s more difficult to do tricks like crankflip… but it’s up to you :smiley: there is no right and wrong!


Typically most park riding is done on a 19" trials unicycle. Other wheel sizes can work, but most tricks are easier on 19-20" unis.
Koxx dumped many of their unis into retail chains recently and they seem to be the best deal going right now. (all but the three cheapest unis in the above link are koxx unis. Assuming youre in the us, theres no shipping cost b/c you can just have them shipped to the nearest walmart.)

Also, check out nimbus and kris holm unicycles on unicycle.com

thanks i was thinking small wheels would be good but i wasnt sure so that has helped. from what i have seen on youtube they are all small wheels but they also look quite wide so i was wondering if there are 20 or 24 inch wheels but with a wider rim width.?

it doesnt matter what you bring to ride as long as you ride it, when i first started riding i had a sun 18inch and it did just fine for me at the time.

Trials tires are a lot wider than than bmx tires. Thats why they look so different, also trials unis use a 19" trials rim, however with the fat tire, the wheel diameter is similar to a typical 20" wheel

As state above, ride what you’ve got. That being said, 19/20" seem to be good for flat and trials tricks while 24/26" are good for getting speed to go off ramps, up/down 1/4 or 1/2 pipes, or jumping gaps at speed. I’ve been especially impressed with what the bigger wheels can do in a skate park setting, not that I’m able to do it. Take a look through the video section and see what you think.