Unicycle Sizes

I’m thinking of buying a new KH20, but is a 20-inch wheel big enough for me at 6’2"? Or does the wheel size even depend on your height? (I know pretty much nothing about unicycle sizes :wink: )

Thanks for the help:)

a rider’s size matters very little compared to a riders style
if you’re doing freestyle (tricks) or trials (jumping) consider buying a 20" if you’re riding MUni, consider a KH24, if you’re mostly commuting consider a 29er or coker.

Size mainly depends on what style of unicycling you will be doing. If your into Trials and Street then the KH20 will be fine, even for you hieght.
But if you want to do Muni or commuting you will want to get something bigger, like 24" and up.
For your height though you could probably use a 24" for trials aswell.

Hope this has helped, im not an expert at all but this is what i know.

The difference between a 20 and a 24 is significant: the 24 is 20% bigger.

Generally, a 20’s best for learning and for skills. A 24’s more versatile and better for longer journeys or rough ground.

29s are for longer distances, rougher terrain, but are less manouvreable, and a bit more of a handful on hills. 26s are a sort of half way house between 24s and 29s.

Height and weight will influence your choice to some extent. I’d guess that you’d still do best with a 20 as your first uni, but it is fair to say that you’d manage a 24 better than you would if you were 5 foot 7 and 140 pounds.

If you stick with the sport, you will end up with more than one uni. If you don’t stick with it, the 20 will be easier to sell.

Ok, thanks for the help guys, I think I’ll either get a 24 inch or maybe a 26, because I intend to do some muni :slight_smile: