Unicycle size?

I was just wondering.
Im 5 foot 2 inches.
what size unicycle should I get?
(in inches.)
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What kind of riding do you want to do? If you just want to cruise around a 24" would be a good start, if you want to do tricks maybe something smaller like a 20".

Yeah,tricking.I was already looking at a 20’’ but wasnt sure.I just checked here to confirm my thoughts.Thanks for answering,I tried asking this on yahoo answers and was told I was gay for liking unicycling.

People are stupid there is no logic to this statement. Do people really have nothing better to do then telling other people something they like its gay? This tells me they have no skill and just want to knock others… 20 sounds like that’s what you want. Keep us updated I’d like to see how you progress.

daftmaxx :slight_smile: 20" will be good, start off with a learner uni (a good one is the club freestyle from www.unicycle.com) and if you’re still interested in a few months get a trials uni :wink: There’s a couple of riders pretty close to you, so once yu can ride meeting people who will show you some stuff won’t be difficult :slight_smile:
Also, yahoo answers is possibly the stupidest thing in existance.

Yep get a 20" and get a better uni if you get into it, I got my learner of ebay It lasted well, till I started hopping kerbs:D

Did you redirect them to the yahoo answer for “How do I know if I’m gay?”

asking yahoo questions is like asking Wikipedia

except wikipedia usually isnt offensive

yeah i approve, i’ve start with that unicycle, and its perfect for learning basics of riding, hopping …

Thanks everybody,im not getting one until september.But as soon as I get it ill try to keep you all posted! :slight_smile:

What’re you gonna get then maxx? :slight_smile:

probably one of these cheap ones off ebay to start with.