Unicycle silliohette/art (i dont know how to spell silliohetee)

Ive seen lots of pics with a kool effect where it is black and white and there is a person on a unicycle doing a trick, how do i get a pic like this?

“1wheelwonder” has a pic like it.

and some others do so how do i get a pic like that? draw it in paint? thats too hard to get a person on it. Any photo simple photo editors where you can change it to full black and white silhouete.

also anyone know how you say, print a pic of a guy on a uni on too a t shirt?


a guy called sigue or something has it, (above link)

Here’s the spelling at least, and some links.

in photo shop its easy but i dont know any other ways

Stand with the sun directly behind you lol.

If only there was an electronic research device that could connect you to a database with lots of different information including spelling :wink: