Unicycle sighting, Nottingham, Monday

This Monday, was it you: you were a bloke on a great big unicycle like half a penny farthng, talking to a bloke on a normal bike, riding along near the Trent not far from Clifton Bridge/Wilford Bridge.

A work colleague saw you and thought it was most exciting.

The two most likely candidates are me and you. I know it wasn’t me, and I assume you’d realise if it was you. John is the only other person in Nottingham I know with a big wheel, but he has been saying that he never uses it these days.

Hmmmm… I wonder who else it could be?


there is high chance there are many unicyclists around you dont know… like there was a bloke at tescos here riding around, a girl on a giraffe in a parade the other day, and i’ve heard of loads others that have been spotted by friends. Now all i have to do is find out who they are lol!

Yeah, there are bound to be a few. I’ve seen some random unicyclists around here from time to time, but always on small wheels. If they are local and have graduated to a Coker, then I would have expected to have at least heard about them. Of course, being on something like that means they could have come from many many miles away.


yeah, Theres a bloke in the village who does a lot of distance cycling and sometimes rides with a friend on a 36er and they’ve apparently ridden miles and miles together.
Just keep a look out for unicycles and see who you find lol? I often ride around and am stopped and questioned by people who have unicycles but cant ride them, just becuase they aren’t on the forum doesn’t mean they’re not there. I still want to find someone with a Koxx track monster and a 29er round here that people have said about… but i haven’t ever seen.

There is a guy who came on one of my coker weekend rides who has a coker and isn’t John, Spencer or Mike. Can’t remember his name though.

Joe (it wasn’t me either)

It could have been a 29er. The “like a penny farthing” description was from someone who has never knowingly seen a unicycle.

It’s not far from where Gadge lives, but I don’t think it was him, from the description of the bicyclist accompanying the unicyclist!