Unicycle side mount

I just found this side-mount video from UDC, which I had never heard of before.

Has anyone tried this?

Yep, pretty easy to learn, practical as much as jump mount/suicide mount… :wink:

The side mount is one of the standard USA Levels skills. I don’t know if other organizations have the same kind of levels system but they are great for “what do I learn next”. Mounts might not seem like a big deal but knowing different mounts will help with other skills as well.

Yep - fairly standard move, and one of the few “tricks” I can do.

Now I want to try it. I can do a kick up side mount so this shouldn’t be too hard.

Same for me, although I can’t do i consistently :o

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I didn’t used to be able to do it consistently, and whilst I’d not like to claim I get it every time now it is pretty consistent. The secret I was told which made the difference was holding the saddle out to the side with a straight arm when startin (of course you might already be doing that and have some other little detail wrong!)

Hold the back of the saddle, out to the side with a straight arm, place your outside foot on the peddle opposite the dirction of the saddle. The foot still on the ground steps straight up, bending your knee so it is above where the saddle is about to arrive. Letting go of the saddle it will snap toward the foot on the pedal, right under your butt. If you hit your raised leg your knee needs to be higher. Your raised leg now comes straight down and gives the pedal a little kick backwards until your pedals are horizontal.

So, once in possition to start there are only three steps:

  • Raise your knee above the saddle.
  • Let go of the saddle.
  • Kick the pedal backwards until horizontal. [/LIST]

    Ride away smiling!

  • BTW: once you get the side mount down you can move on to the jump side mount! Much trickier but it looks great.

    Yay for me! I managed to ride out of about 10 side mounts tonight! I got my first one ever yesterday. I think it took me about 200 tries, spread out over several weeks. I’ve got to stay one trick ahead of my 9 year-old son. I’m losing ground quickly…

    Makes me want to try too…ok, back to my 20" tonight. :roll_eyes:

    LOL! It’s a losing battle!

    Can you learn this mount on a 29er?

    If UniGeezer can do a kick-up mount on a 36", I’m sure you can manage a side mount on a 29". I’ll wait right here for your video. :slight_smile:

    You do kick-up mounts and you don’t do side mounts?!? Wow! I learned side mounts in my first six months of riding and always considered kick-ups to be impossibly difficult. It’s funny how differently people learn stuff, and it’s amazing how many different things you can learn to do on a uni, but I guess that’s part of why we have this forum…

    A word of caution! I took markf80’s/my challenge, and tried to do a side mount on my cheap Sun 28". After two (nearly successful!) attempts, I bent the rim. Not the full potato chip, but enough to go find my spoke wrench. So, if you’re a bigger rider on a cheap uni, there may be danger ahead. But it seemed totally do-able on a bigger wheel.

    Get comfortable! It might be a long wait!:smiley:

    Side Mount Video

    My old video of “Side Mount” on a 20 inch nimbus trials, 137 mm crank. After side mount followed a short roll back

    Both videos are essentially the same. Your top foot approaches the pedal from the front, and the logical thing to do is push it back some. This establishes that foot onto the pedal, puts your feet into a non-vertical position so you can start riding forward, and puts your contact point behind you so you have to start pedaling. You don’t want to mount with pedals vertical, into a perfectly balanced position. That’s what most beginners do as they are learning to freemount. :slight_smile: