*unicycle show on digital extreme sports channel*

Hey has nebody seen that unicycle show on that extreme sports tv channel. Was very good. It had circus uncycling, trials and allsorts. Dint have kris holmes on tho :frowning: But anyway i think u should try and watch it. Not really tho coz u all suck and i am grog boy and you thought u could get rid of me but like jason vorhees, you keep killin me but i keep coming back for more. LoSeRs


its kris holm, not holmes, essay

i don’t like GroggBoy he doesn’t deserve to uni.

George Washington was named after King George the 3rd.

I second that.

I have to
agree with James and TheBadger.

I also am in a state of shock and awe

I am assuming this is the same Grogboy(Groggboy)


The boy needs to get a life. It’s tragic. Someone please bar him AGAIN!

Some other forums I use have a validating system which would stop people like this from posting in the RSU etc. But then again 99.9% of the new forum users here are great.

I play rugby…thats all.