Unicycle shops in Rome?

hello, can someone please tell where are unicycle shops in Rome (Italy)?
i would like to have one, but there aren’t any in my country and my friend lives in Rome, but he didn’t find any also:D Are there any in Rome?

Here’s a bunch of Italians from the roster:


Buona fortuna.


thanks, other please share your knowledge about rome shops:)

There is one in Firenze, Jokolarte. They had a number of interesting unis when I was there in 2004.

oo seems nice, but is firenze far from rome?

I don’t know of any shops selling unicycles in Italy but there are several online unicycle stores that will happily ship to European locations. Try www.municycle.com (the German brach of Unicycle.com) or www.unicycle.uk.com.

They have a large range and postage should not cost too much to Rome from Germany. You can pretend to do an order and before you get asked to pay you will be told how much postage will be.

Firenze to Roma is less than 2 hours on a EuroStar train. It’s a long unicycle ride.

i live in estonia, i think it’s smarter to order it right away to estonia than to italy, where it needs one sending more.
aa but i went to latvias Riga, and there shopsellers were never heard of such thing:)