Unicycle shopping


I’m shopping for a freestyle unicycle online…

any good websites someone can point me toward

what’s the differenc between frestyle advanced and freestyle expert???

well I dont really know im not really a freestyler but expert is supposed to be the best.

ERRR!!! I can’t pay pal!!!

Any sites to buy off of That I can use paypal???

Stiffer, and stronger.

You sure you want a freestyle? If you start juming off stuff with it, it’s going to break.

Simmilar good choice: trials - it’s a lot stronger, some tricks are a bit harder, it’s a bit heavier, and a bit more expensive.


But trials will last you longer as they are built to last in some cases rather then getting a freestyle one.

nope… I have my otherone for jumpingand stuff… but I want an 18"… and I want a freestyle one… I’ve always done flat… on anything

bikes… blades…

Ohh okay :slight_smile: Well, how much you looking to spend??

Unicycle.com is probably the best source for a good freestyle for cheap, otherwise you could talk to Darren Bedford of Bedford unicycles. www.bedfordunicycles.ca He will probably cost you more but you will get a custom unicycle hand built to your desires. Plus you will prolly be able to pay paypal or something similar. If you give Unicycle.com a call 1800 unicycle they may be willing to accept it though. I don’t know how accepting they are of different forms of payment though.

$300 - $400

Unicycle.com DOES NOT support pay pal and That’s my only means of buying

Well i think what ntappin said and go with bedford. If that doesn’t work. Might i suggest E-Bay. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

no freestyle unis on e-bay

Maybe i’ll just get something more regular…

or you could that. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Koxx Free Tricks at Renegadejuggleing

Ouch! You need to get some friends. Someone who can exchange your cash for a credit card purchase, or who has a checking account and can give you a check (make sure there’s money in their checking account!). Or buy a money order.

Now I have a vendor that wants to use PayPal to pay me for a photography job. I’ll have to find out if this will cost me anything, since all my other clients have checks. How come Intel wants me to use Paypal???

it wont cost you anything. And (if you buy off of ebay, not sure about other places) they will insure you up to 1000 dollars incase you get screwed

it’s always good to have ''incase you get screwed" insurance.

Actualy there is a fee for recieving money. I forget exactly what it is but I remember it being around 3 dollars for a 20 dollar Canadian transaction.