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I was wondering are there any other unicycle shops online everyone knows unicycle.com and it’s family but are there others?
Also does any one know where i can get the bolts that hold the bearing housing to the nimbus 2 frame.One of my bolts have broken so i can not undo it to clean the bearings also i am going to need a new tyre soon so please help!!

gasp! are you suggesting that we should support a supplier othe than unicycle.com?!? Well, I never! :smiley:


You may call them and ask if they can send a singel bolt to you…



Ruhrpott Unitrials

In England the best unicycle store is: -

They’ve got loads of Nimbus stuff, a free phone no. for advice/queries and an excellent delivery service.

Re: unicycle shoping

I had some replacement bolts when the little keys on the originals wore off; they came from that well known bike specialist B&Q.

Tyres you can get from bike shops, although specialised ones take a bit of finding. Try www.wiggle.co.uk and www.chainreactioncycles.co.uk


Re: Re: unicycle shoping

Yes you can, but it is unlikely that they will sell you the tabbed bolt. But… if you just give us a call, we will normally just send you a bolt F.O.C. if that is all you need.

Must admit that if you go to B&Q you also won’t get told off for having your bolts too tight! They should be only just over hand tight or they crush the bearings - check them by spinning the wheel as you tighten them; you can easily see when you have them too tight because the wheel slows quicker.

Totally agree, both of these are good shops with great stock. But they are both bike stores, so don’t bother asking any unicycle questions. :slight_smile:


Not all bike store specialists are useless when it comes to Unicycle help. When I have broken parts, Raceway cycles (a local bike store) has always been really good at giving me advice, replacements or repairs. Having things shipped to you is not always the best solution if parts are available locally. I don’t think Roger was being too serious due to the smiley face, I guess it’s his job to compete with Bicycle stores.

There are bike stores and then there are bike stores :slight_smile: Many places are not interested in helping ANYONE who has slightly out of the ordinary requests.

I know from personal experience finding a good local bike shop can be really difficult. I go to one of the more expensive places in town but they have a fantastic mechanic, know what I need regards wheel building and have often found me parts that other people have said were impossible to get. Not only that they do little things for free some times, just to help out. Plus I meet up with the shop guys when I go riding in competitions and offroad :slight_smile:

Chances are there will be one or two fantastic bike shops in a city of 1 million. Track em down and support them as much as you can.

Well… Yes and no. I was reletively serious, I do know both of these stores. Both are very good, in fact I would place them on the top of internet bike stores; but they can not advise you if a tyre is a good one for unicycling or not for example. Ask them a question that relates to a bike as well and they are superb.
Too often we are fighting against bad advice. I can not tell you how many time I have been to told they a person has bought a 16" unicycle because it was advised as being the right unicycle for a person. It is very easy to tell that this is bad advice when you find out that the person is a 6 foot tall mountain biker!


i am not saying

That unicycle.uk.com/com/.whatever else is a bad place to get unicycles but i just like to look around if the same thing was in unicycle.uk.com and some where else i would most likely get it for unicycle.uk.com as they i highly recomended

Only two problems :

  • they are far away from the Continent :smiley:
  • they are not in the Euro zone :roll_eyes:

too bad!
(well in fact I am not that much kidding …
that’s why municycle.com and Roland Wende are welcome in France
special thanks to Roger Davies nonetheless)


Re: unicycle.uk.com

Sorry these are 2 things that as much as I may try are difficult for me to fix :frowning:
But there may be a fix you will like though… just wait. :wink:


Roger, can Unicycle.se get me same parts as u.uk.com or u.com? It would be much cheaper for me to order smaller parts from Sweden than from England.

Yes Peter (Swedish Unicycle.com) can and does have spares. I hope you have all had a browse around his store.



Uni Shop In Euro Zone!!!

Just check www.municycle.com, great brands such as qu-ax ( www.qu-ax.com ).

The page is in Deutch but you can ask Roland Wende the owner (wendino at those forums) whatever you want in english via email or pm!!!

Great quality, prices and it is in euro zone!!!, Who needs more???

I live in Spain an www.municycle.com is my choice, probably the best choice in Europe!!!