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Good News!

Having working with computers for a long time. My girlfriend is hoping to secure a Vacant Shop here in Toronto NSW Australia to sell Adult Products (Don’t Ask) and possible Unicycles. This will be a good experience for me. These are the ones I will be selling.

GP Unicycles
Semcycle Unicycles
Torker Unicycles
Savage Unicycles

Available Size’s.

16’ Wheel
20’ Wheel
24’ Wheel
26’ Wheel
28’ Wheel
29’ Wheel
Giraffe Size’s available in 5" 6" or there abouts.

The name of the shop will depending if we get it or not. If everything’s is going right, we will name the shop either be these.

Coyote’s Unicycles
Infinity Unicycles
Unicycles Foreshore
Coastle Unicycles

I don’t know if my business will be on the net to buy these unicycles it’s just depends if my business is a success or not.
Feel free to have your say and what I could improve on my first ever business in for a long time. That’s about it for now… if you have questions about it, don’t be afraid to ask.


Oops! I forgot to put this in. I will be Selling Juggling Equipment too. Sorry about that.

Wouldn’t most adults hesitate bringing their children into an adult store to look at unicycles?

u know, i never thought of unicycles as ‘ADULT PRODUCTS’ before
but it does make sense
esp when u fall off, at high speed, without any protective gear whatsoever

and if u dont seperate the juggling/unicycling section from the other section, so will your bussiness be

mind u, it may be the way to get a certain age group’s attention
bribing homeless guys to go buy them a copy of universe…


How about Doc Johnson’s Unicycles? (that’s an American inside joke).

Then again, based on a quick Google search, maybe it’s more international than I thought!

BTW, djm, what’s your first language?

I read the post as “Girlfriend opening a store to sell adult products (don’t ask) and unicycles…” My first thought is x-rated. Maybe a clarification is necessary?

Re: Unicycle Shop

“sendhair” <sendhair.sd99q@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote
> how about doc johnson’s unicycles? (that’s an american inside joke).
> then again, based on a quick google search, maybe it’s more
> international than i thought!

Must have been too much of an inside joke for this american so I did the
google search thing. Unless you’re referring to the Koi fish expert all
I’ve got to say is I’ll take a savage seat over any doc johnson product.

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Here some responses from me to answer your Questions.

Sendhair: ENGLISH only mate. Sorry. Call me David.

Dirtsurfer and Others: Good Question. My girlfriend wants a Adult shop but I want to sell Unicycles instead of selling Adult Products. By the way I’m not against it but selling unicycles in an Adult shop seems to be weird. I’m more frighten for the kids to come in and browse at the Unicycles instead going in the illegal section.
I’m going to find out this morning if the shop is still available. I’ll keep you posted. Quite Frankly I have a funny feeling about this, Having a mix business with this. Ooooh dear.


Sharing a P&L statement is quite a bit deeper than sharing the toothpaste tube, not that it’s any of my business. :sunglasses: The couple cases I’ve seen of that ended up just as deep a commitment as marraige, and equally difficult to get extracted from once things went south.

Question: in the US, the term “going south” means “taking a turn for the worse”. Do those of you in the southern hemisphere have a similar definition for “going north”?

join your girlfriend in setting up an adult shop and work really hard at making it a success
u’ll make much more money from an adult shop and in a year or two or three u can diversify and open the unicycle/juggling shop
i suspect that right now, the best bussiness decision here would be to go for the adult shop
and for u to write all the promotional material
your unusual use of english is bound to catch the attention

not that i’m aware of
then again, i dont think your ‘going south’ has it’s origins in hemisperic crossings


(from the 'word-detective.com)
If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is.

Dear Word Detective: When my first computer broke many years ago, the technician told me it had “gone south.” I have since heard “gone south” applied to all kinds of mechanical or project failures, and each time I have asked the speaker where that phrase came from. Nobody knows. The best guess I’ve heard is that it’s from the seasonal migration of birds, that the working of the thing in question has simply “flown away.” That seems like a stretch to me. How would you explain it? – David M., via the internet.

Yes, I know first hand about computers “going south,” because my ancient (1996) machine finally went south just last week. So now I have a brand new super-fast computer with all sorts of snazzy bells and whistles which I have methodically disabled so that it will run just like my old one.

According to Robert Chapman’s Dictionary of American Slang (Harper Collins, 1995), “go south” (or “head south” or “take a turn south”) means “to disappear; fail by or as if by vanishing,” which certainly seems to cover a computer or other device that simply stops working and cannot be revived. “Go south” can also mean to abscond with money or loot, to cheat at cards, or simply to sharply diminish, as in “Enron investor confidence went south after Ken Lay sold his personal stock holdings in the company.”

Mr. Chapman’s dictionary dates the first appearance of “go south” in its primary sense to the 1940s, and the “to abscond” meaning to around 1925. But the indefatigable word sleuth Barry Popik has found a citation from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of May 1903 in which a glossary of slang heard at the St. Louis fair reported that “gone south” meant “left the town; not heard of; to steal.” So we can safely assume that the major senses of “gone south” were already in use by the beginning of the 20th century.

There seem to be two theories about the “south” in “gone south.” It may simply be a reference to the map-making convention that “south” on a map equals “down,” so to “go south” would be to head for the metaphorical bottom. A more intriguing theory is that the “south” originally referred to Mexico, to which one might well run in the early 20th century if one wanted, or needed, to elude legal pursuit and “disappear.”

I’m taking your advice Dave and Thanks for the complimentary.
You’re right…I will set up a Unicycle shop in a year time or two or three and well see what I could improve my new business.
Oh and for the others Thanks.


I was always of the belief that “gone south” referred to the first definition and equated to “gone to HE double hockey sticks”.

From a purely business sense, I agree that you will do better with the adult shop. Personally, I would rather have the unicycle shop.:smiley:


I actually like the name Unicycles Foreshore. That’s awsome!

Maybe Unicycles For Show? Possibility

How about Unicyles For Play?

Ok, I’ll stop :roll_eyes:

Re: Unicycle Shop

“XWonka” <XWonka.sfhdd@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> I actually like the name Unicycles Foreshore. That’s awsome!
> Maybe Unicycles For Show? Possibility

How about For Play Unicycles. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Xwonka. Your very kind. I’m going to use that name in a few years time. It’s that or Coyote’s Unicycles. Has anyone got other ideas besides Xwonka said. I’ll be happy to set up a poll if interested. Once I gather some your ideas, I’ll write them down and put the poll up.


You’ll be okay, just as long as she doesn’t squeeze it in the middle:)

Have fun!


I guess selling adult products whilst on a unicycle would be a crowd puller.

I certainly gives new perpectives on what you can use as juggling props :smiley:


YOu could bring new meaning to the term “unisex”. How much does a blow up doll with a hole in her head for your beer cost.

More Replies Part 2:

Graeme. Thanks.

Phil_Donaldson. There’s one in Melbourne Australia that turn the Crowd Puller and I think it’s a bloke in a G-string riding a 6’ Giraffe Unicycle and the girls love it. Can’t remember his name but he done it. I really love to see that.

Logan_A. I haven’t got a Price list yet. And don’t ask about The price of the New Bondage Chair That my Girlfriend wants. She wants a Pink Ball-gag. Too.