Unicycle shirts for the unicycle shirt collector

Hi folks,

I understand that there are those in the unicycling community who like to collect unicycle related shirts. Our club has a club shirt that we make available to our kids. The kids are very proud of our club and wear the shirts to school as much as possible. Upon the advice of a good friend, we would like to make our shirts available to those who would like to add one to a collection or to anyone who would just like to have one.

So, we’ve put together a one page website that advertises the shirts. Here’s the link: http://www.geocities.com/unicycle_univ

I’d like to reiterate a statement on the website in that all proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go toward promoting unicycling and unicycling activities. We are planning on taking our club to the mini TCUC convention in the spring. Some of the funds will possibly go toward subsidizing travel expenses for those kids who otherwise couldn’t afford to travel.

Thanks for your interest,